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Full HD 3DHome Cinema Projector by Sony: VPL-HW50S

Are you considering a home-theater upgrade that includes the entire modern home cinema lineup of: 3D, High-Definition (including 4K resolution support), and Projection onto a large screen?  If so, you may want to consider something like the latest Sony VPL-HW50ES  Full HD 3D Cinema Projector.

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This is one serious home cinema projector, and reflects the leading edge of home entertainment possibilities from Sony.  We recently blogged about the latest (and awesome) Sony 4K XBR-84X900 TV for Sale (if price is no object), and this new projection system is another alternative to be considered.  Although this projector is not a “native 4K” (resolution) TV, it is capable of up-scaling standard 1080p high-definition sources (aka, “2K” resolution) to 4K (level of detail) via Sony’s “Reality Creation” super-resolution function; this technology essentially attempts to “fill in the details” during upscaling and should help preserve sharp, crisp details even on very large projection screens.

What is the Price?

Although the official price has not been released, sources around the web are expecting this new 3D projector to be offered for sale with a price just under $4,000 (US) with one spare bulb included.  The official numbers should be out soon.  Seeing that the new “Reality” engine in this new projector has its origins in Sony’s VPL-VW1000ES projector (a native-4K-resolution device which costs nearly $20,000), this projector should bring your home cinema projection experience to “near 4k native experience) at a fraction of the cost.

Other Features

  • High Brightness (1,700 lumens) with faithful colour reproduction even in well-lit rooms.
  • Contrast Enhancer Function that automatically adjusts the contrast for optimum viewing (100,000:1 Dynamic Contrast)
  • Motionflow technology allows the VPL-HW50ES/B to display twice as many images per second to reproduce smoother, sharper motion.
  • SXRD Panel Technology for sharper, dot-free images up to 240 frames per second. The result is stunningly detailed, high-definition 3D images that you believe you can reach out and touch.
  • Dynamic Lamp Control Technology for 3D: When each of the shutters on your 3D glasses opens, Dynamic Lamp Control Technology automatically boosts the brightness (approximately 3x brighter) in the image to that eye, maximizing the picture’s impact and the lamp’s efficiency. This means that you will not lose any brightness and attain the optimal visual experience from the comfort of your own home.
  • Extremely Low Fan Noise (21dB) that means the VPL-HW50ES/B runs very quietly.

For more details, contact us.  We should soon be able to obtain full information and up-to-date pricing and availability data here at your Ohio Home Theater providers.  Have us setup your ultimate home entertainment / theater center and enjoy all the big-screen excitement right in your own home!