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Full HD 3DHome Cinema Projector by Sony: VPL-HW50S

Are you considering a home-theater upgrade that includes the entire modern home cinema lineup of: 3D, High-Definition (including 4K resolution support), and Projection onto a large screen?  If so, you may want to consider something like the latest Sony VPL-HW50ES  Full HD 3D Cinema Projector.

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This is one serious home cinema projector, and reflects the leading edge of home entertainment possibilities from Sony.  We recently blogged about the latest (and awesome) Sony 4K XBR-84X900 TV for Sale (if price is no object), and this new projection system is another alternative to be considered.  Although this projector is not a “native 4K” (resolution) TV, it is capable of up-scaling standard 1080p high-definition sources (aka, “2K” resolution) to 4K (level of detail) via Sony’s “Reality Creation” super-resolution function; this technology essentially attempts to “fill in the details” during upscaling and should help preserve sharp, crisp details even on very large projection screens.

What is the Price?

Although the official price has not been released, sources around the web are expecting this new 3D projector to be offered for sale with a price just under $4,000 (US) with one spare bulb included.  The official numbers should be out soon.  Seeing that the new “Reality” engine in this new projector has its origins in Sony’s VPL-VW1000ES projector (a native-4K-resolution device which costs nearly $20,000), this projector should bring your home cinema projection experience to “near 4k native experience) at a fraction of the cost.

Other Features

  • High Brightness (1,700 lumens) with faithful colour reproduction even in well-lit rooms.
  • Contrast Enhancer Function that automatically adjusts the contrast for optimum viewing (100,000:1 Dynamic Contrast)
  • Motionflow technology allows the VPL-HW50ES/B to display twice as many images per second to reproduce smoother, sharper motion.
  • SXRD Panel Technology for sharper, dot-free images up to 240 frames per second. The result is stunningly detailed, high-definition 3D images that you believe you can reach out and touch.
  • Dynamic Lamp Control Technology for 3D: When each of the shutters on your 3D glasses opens, Dynamic Lamp Control Technology automatically boosts the brightness (approximately 3x brighter) in the image to that eye, maximizing the picture’s impact and the lamp’s efficiency. This means that you will not lose any brightness and attain the optimal visual experience from the comfort of your own home.
  • Extremely Low Fan Noise (21dB) that means the VPL-HW50ES/B runs very quietly.

For more details, contact us.  We should soon be able to obtain full information and up-to-date pricing and availability data here at your Ohio Home Theater providers.  Have us setup your ultimate home entertainment / theater center and enjoy all the big-screen excitement right in your own home!

Cleveland Home Theater : Christmas 2009 Event

Well, it is that time of year again, and we are keeping busy with Home Theater installation and Equipment Sales during the holiday rush for Christmas 2009.  There may still be time to have us perform a custom home theater installation for you – if you contact us soon.  And, while doing so, be sure to ask about the latest digital television, high-definition television, and other home audio-visual offerings from Sony and others that we can provide sales and/or installation services for.

There have been quite a few new digital-television products released during the year, with things like high-refresh-rate LCDs (240Hz – great for gaming; some are “3D-ready” too), and power-efficient LED-backlit LCD TVs, and all sorts of supporting hardware too.  Microsoft Windows-7 and Apple OSX Snow Leopard were both released during the year, and may already provide you with a nice media-serving ability that you can enhance with the audio and visual components we install for home-theater setups.

We are your Cleveland Home-Theater Experts!  Contact us for assistance with your home theater projects – whether at your place of residence or at your business: we are experienced installing in either setting.  Happy Holidays!

Home Theater Installs on the Rise

According to an article recently published on MSNBC news, San Diego was experiencing a surge in Custom Home Theater installations as homeowners were gearing up for the 2009 Super Bowl recently.  The same trend occurs yearly, with people looking to wow their friends and neighbors with the latest and greatest home audio and video equipment, though perhaps the trend was a bit more subdued in 2009 thanks to the economic downturn of recent.

But, investing in a nice home multimedia room may make a lot of sense when compared to the cost of taking a family to the movies or to a live sporting event.  Certainly for the price of attending the Superbowl in person, one could have a rather substantial down payment on their own home theater system, and if it was a group of event-goers that decided to put the money towards their own systems instead of going to a live event, the amount would be significant.

Sure, the Super Bowl is a standout perhaps (with regard to price), but even “lesser” events like local sporting events and movies all add up over time.  And, then there is the driving to such events (and the gas, parking, crowds, etc).  Perhaps a custom home theater installation makes a lot of sense for you and your family instead?  If you are in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area (i.e., Northeast Ohio), consider the costs of taking your family to see the Cleveland Indians, or the Cleveland Cavaliers, or a similar event.  Or, how about the price of a prime-time movie and snacks for the family?   Now, think about how quickly that all can add up and be put towards your home dream entertainment system… you may be surprised how quickly the payback period could be met.

Modern home automation systems go right along with the home theater systems these days, and incorporate a wide range of electronics to enhance the homeowners’ lifestyles, making it simple and easy to control home theaters, stereo systems, alarm systems, lighting, wireless Internet, and more, all from one centrally located system.  So, you can be spending the evening at home with the family, and/or have some friends over to all get together and enjoy each others company while saving some money by avoiding the cost of going out instead.

You can be prepared to host some get-togethers with better TVs, custom home theater installations and home automation, like those types of systems we (Cleveland home theater installer: HomeSound) can install for you in your own home (and/or business, if you are hosting clients regularly and want to impress them).  We take the time to meet with you (our customers) and explain the various custom electronic solutions available with home automation and home theater equipment, and how individual home automation systems and custom home theaters can be designed to best suit your individual needs and style.  Give us a call — we appreciate the opportunity to help you.

And, start thinking about how you can save money having “theater at home” or “sports events at home” (which one could argue offers a much better view of the *action* in many cases).  Modern HDTV (High Definition Television) and related audio and multimedia components make home theaters as good (if not better) than the “real thing” (traditional theaters).  And, you will have something you can enjoy for many years to come, regardless of the weather or traffic 🙂

DTV Deadline Moved – Digital TV waits til June, 2009

Just in case you did not notice already, the government has essentially moved the transition date for Digital Television to June of 2009 — it just waits for Presidential signature, which is expected.

Depending where you stand on this, it could be a good thing or a bad thing.  If you have for some reason been waiting to purchase a digital-ready television, or a digital TV (DTV) converter box, you now have a few more months to take care of that.

Some television stations around the country plan to go ahead with the February 17th, 2009 cutover to digital regardless, so you may want to keep an eye on the Cleveland DTV channel progress by checking in with local Cleveland TV Web Sites for any news they may have on the subject.  And, if you just happen to be a procrastinator that needs some help hanging your new HDTV flat-panel on the wall, or you need any other help installing or upgrading your household cabling for that new home theater system you purchased, give us a call to get a quote.  We can surely get your system ready in time for this newly revised Digital TV schedule if you are here in the Northeast Ohio region.

Cleveland Home Theater : Sony 2009 Products Update

Sony announced at CES 2009 that its Bravia line of LCD HDTVs would include built-in streaming Internet capability (without a set-top box) – in the XBR9 and Z-series models.  These HDTVs will include an Ethernet connection to support direct connection to the web for streaming content.

Sony mentioned streaming content sources like Amazon Video On Demand, YouTube, and Yahoo Widgets.  There was even talk of access to digital photos, music, and video stores through support of the Digital Living Network Alliance specification.  But, before thinking of putting this new feature to use, make sure you have a high-speed Internet connection as part of your Cleveland Home Theater total solution.  Why?  Well, Sony is telling potential users that a broadband Internet connection of at least 2.5 Mbps is recommended, and that a full-screen display may not be available for all Internet video.

Models of the new XBR TVs that are to include this streaming Internet capability are to be available in the spring, and measure 32 inches, 40 inches, 46 inches, and 52 inches. Models of the higher-end Z-series measure 40 inches, 46 inches, and 52 inches, plus offer 240Hz Motionflow technology for displaying fast-moving images more smoothly. (if you have been paying attention to displays lately, many have been out with 120Hz refresh rates, and this is double that).  Speaking of 120Hz technology, the XBR TVs support 120Hz Motionflow technology.  And, all of these new devices for your home theater are compliant with the Energy Star 3.0 specification, which should result in some energy saving potential in your home.

As your Cleveland Ohio authorized Sony dealer, we look forward to these new Sony products and helping you find the right solution for your home theater and media needs.  Contact HomeSound for more information at:

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 6500 UB Projector

Cleveland home theater options keep expanding as the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show continues to demonstrate new high tech home cinema / home theater equipment that is sure to impress you, your family, and your friends.  You can setup a home theater system that will rival any commercial movie theatre if you really want to these days.

Epson introduces 1080p high-definition Projector

Here is a perfect example of some of the latest home theater and home cinema products that are now entering the market.  Epson is introducing their new PowerLite Home Cinema 6500UB for around $3000.  This unit offers a 3-LCD 1080p high-resolution display based on the latest 3LCD D7 chip set and a built-in HQV Reon-VX processor by Silicon Optix, and it offers an astounding 75,000:1 contrast ratio on projected images, with 1600 lumens max brightness, dual HDMI 1.3a inputs, and lens-adjustments that should accommodate most home theater room layouts.

Epson 6500UB Home Theater Projector

Keep HomeSound in mind for your Cleveland home theater, cinema, audio, and video needs.  Even if this Epson projection unit is not a fit for your budget, or if you have a flat-panel LCD TV in mind instead, or anything else home-theater service related, we can help you with your installation, wiring, sales, and related home theater services in NorthEast Ohio.

Sony OLED TV, Eco green TVs, Bravia, XBR – new for 2009

More news coming out of the 2009 CES, and this time regarding Sony (which is of great interest to us, since we are an authorized Cleveland and Northeast Ohio Sony Dealer).

OLED TV Progress

Sony announced that they will make additional progress in the organic LED TV (OLED TV) area, with introductions of new displays, including one with a 0.9-inch display.  We are definitely looking forward to future Sony OLED display products with their cutting-edge technology and impressive power-savings possibilities.  OLED does not require a backlight like traditional LCD technology, thus saving power and allowing for super-thin displays.

OLED (organic light emitting diode) panels may eventually take the place of LCD, though this is probably quite a fews years away as current OLED products are limited and quite expensive (for example, the current Sony XEL-1 costs about US$2,500, and is ONLY an 11-inch diagonal device).  Sony showed a prototype panel on Wednesday that was a 21-inch model (price not mentioned of course) with typical high-quality OLED bright, crisp images and deep colors.

Eco / Green advancements…

Sony is reading its Eco series of green TVs that will use a hot cathode fluorescent lamp (HSFL), and an “eco-switch” for zero-watt consumption. Sony mentioned their “Eco Bravia” lineup, which will include six environmentally aware sets in all.  In addition, Sonyis expanding its recycling program such that “For every pound of product created, a pound of waste will be recycled”, which is certainly a nice thing.

Update (some details we found on TG Daily):

The Sony Bravia “Eco” Televisions are available in three different sizes: a 52 inch KDL-53VE5, a 46-inch KDL-56E5, and also a 40-inch KDL-40VE5 (all measured diagonally). The VE5’s are much like the companies V-series sets, and include 120 Hz with de-judder, 1080p resolution, a PC input and four HDMI inputs.

The VE5s come equipped with a new Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (HCFL) backlight, which Sony claims conserves 40% of the typical energy used with conventional backlights. The televisions have a light sensor which works with an automatic backlight control which dims the backlight in darker rooms.

The most exciting feature of the television however is the “Presence Sensor” function which turns the television picture off if there is no one in the viewing vicinity after a specific time frame. If the sensor detects motion, someone walks into the room, or stirs after waking up from a nap, the television will instantly turn on.

The VE5 televisions are equipped with a function which consumes almost no power when the TV is left in standby mode. This will not affect the overall energy savings, because standby draws are already nearly zero in standard televisions.

All of these options combine allow the VE5’s to exceed Energy Star 3.0 ratings, and these will more than likely be some of the most energy-efficient LCDs produced in 2009.

Internet Video tech; summary…

Bravia’s Internet video technology is to be built into its new top-of-the-line XBR9 sets, and dubbed “interactivity integral.”

Sony added its Internet link module two years ago, and was the first to stream video from YouTube, etc. Now Sony is building that Internet link directly into Bravia, in new models available in the spring. The Eco Bravias will be available later in the summer [of 2009], and these too will be supported by Internet Widgets from Yahoo.

Call your Cleveland Home Theater and Cleveland HDTV expert – HomeSound – to check availability of these exciting new Sony products to arrive during 2009.

Samsung HD Camcorder with 64GB SSD

The 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week has been a source of really interesting product announcements that are bound to lead to exciting opportunities for your Cleveland Home Theater, Audio, and Video installation this year.  We are watching all of the newest technology related to home theaters, and have seen a nice array of products worth watching for this year.

SSD HDTV Camcorder

Samsung has a new HD Camcorder (great for use with your new HDTV systems we can install and configure for you), that includes a 64GB SSD (Solid State Drive) instead of a traditional hard-drive – the new HMX-H106.  The resulting camcorder will be lighter weight and include video storage less prone to failure thanks to the fact that solid state drives lack the moving parts that regular hard drives have. Two other new models – the HMX-H105 and HMX-H104, feature 32GB and 16GB SSDs, respectively.

High-Definition Home Video Recording

If you have a high-definition television, wouldn’t it be great if you could record your home movies in high-def too?   There are other brands of high-def video cameras on the market in addition to Samsung, and there are more options appearing every day.  If you have questions about what type of home theater equipment would be best suited to these new HDTV video cameras, call Cleveland-based HomeSound (see link on right).

These new HD camcorders include  all sorts of interesting features like built-in H.264 compression for longer recording times, high quality lenses (Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan HD lens with these new Samsungs, with 10x optical zoom), image stabilization, HDMI connection to display recorded video content directly on HDTVs, and more.  We are still waiting for price announcements and general availability, but knowing that these new HD Camcorders have HDMI 1080 output is enough to prepare your home theater and audio system for their eventual arrival.

2009 Home Theater : Blu-ray Players Under $100 and more…

Here is some of what your Cleveland, Ohio and Northeast Ohio Home Theater, Audio, and Visual Experts at Home Sound & Satellite, Inc. are anticipating for the coming 2009 season.  Please contact us for help with your home theater needs.

Low-Price Blu-ray in 2009

One of the roadblocks to widespread adoption of Blu-ray high-definition DVD technology has been the price-premium that current BluRay players carry with them.  This is quickly changing, and some makers have pushed the price of mainstream players down to under $200 recently (at least during the pre-Christmas super-sales).

Now, with the 2009 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) close on the horizon, rumor has it that some vendors of Home Theater equipment are about to deliver the post-holiday gift of sub-$100 Blu-Ray players for 2009. If this happens, 2009 may finally be the year that Sony’s high-definition DVD technology, Blu-ray, finally hits critical mass by becoming inexpensive enough to replace existing “standard” (i.e., non-high-def) DVD permanently.

Even if Blu-ray players do not show up for $100 or less, chances are that most home theater systems announced from the big home theater vendors will include Blu-ray players, and those players will be more affordable than they were in 2008.

Other 2009  Home Theater Technology and Equipment Advancements

There have been a few other interesting technologies in the news recently that could significantly improve home theater and audio / video system options for 2009 and beyond.  Here is a discussion covering some of those technology advancements we have been reading about lately, and that we be offering via our Cleveland Home Theater company as soon as we have tested the various products, components, and technology out:

HDTV and LCD, OLED, and Display Tech

Smaller, and Stylish LCD HDTV

HDTV manufacturers have been creating ever-thinner HDTV devices with thinner cabinet depths and thinner display frames, and 2009 is sure to bring some ultra-thin models that push this trend to new limits.  With display technologies such as OLED (organic light emitting diode) offering slim screens with a frame thickness that can be just a few millimeters, we look forward to seeing how amazingly thin the newest LCD- and plasma-TVs will be as the new 2009 models show up.

LED-back-lit LCD HDTV

Light emitting diode (LED) is certainly going to keep gaining market momentum as a light source for LCD televisions, because of its environmentally friendly mercury-free lighting technology and power-efficiency.  In addition, this LED-backlight LCD technology is capable of delivering enhanced picture quality compared to traditional LCDs (backlit using existing fluorescent lighting technology for their backlights). LCD manufacturers are attempting to “go green” more like many other product manufacturers, and 2009 will see that effort bring an increased number of new LED-lit LCD televisions to market.

Wireless HDMI

Wireless HDMI technology is really coming along, and 2009 is expected to move some products from prototypes and technology demonstrations to finished products.  One advancement that is exciting in the HDTV and high-definition video arena is wireless HDMI that supports the transmission of full 1080p video. We will be looking for this technology to make a retail debut in 2009.

Other Related Home Theater Technology

We expect even more focus on streaming media (audio / video) content in 2009, whether from Internet-based streaming video or in-home media-servers that house all your latest movie and music titles.  It may be that we are simply connecting your existing PC / desktop computer to your home network and/or home-theater equipment to allow you to play various HD (High Definition) content on your TV. It is probably also a fair bet that music services for wireless multi-room music systems (perhaps Sony’s S-Air) will come with even more options for the money.

Be sure to contact us in 2009 for your Cleveland Home Theater, Audio, and Visual needs, and let us help you install, setup, and prepare your systems for your enjoyment.

Cleveland Home Theater Sales, Service, Installation, and Design Blog

Welcome to the Cleveland Home Theater Sales, Service, Installation, and Design Blog from Home Sound & Satellite, Inc.

We will be adding news and information regarding home theater systems, multimedia solutions, home audio and video, and related sales, promotions, industry trends and the like here in the coming weeks and months.

Home Sound & Satellite, Inc. serves greater Cleveland area and Northeast Ohio and is here to help you with your home theater needs – we provide everything you need from help installing your new Plasma or LCD big screen television in your new theater room, to designing your home complete audio-visual and entertainment system and providing the support you need to get the job done.

Our credentials include over 10 years of Northeast Ohio Home theater (nearly all things related to household audio, visual, and multimedia) design, installation, and service.  In addition, our product offerings cover a wide array of home theater, sound, and video equipment and accessories including:

  • Sony : we are an authorized Cleveland Sony dealer.
  • Bose : we are authorized Cleveland Bose dealers.

We are the Cleveland Home Theater, Cleveland Audio, Video, Plasma / LCD Sales, Installers, and Experts you can rely on. In addition to providing the latest and greatest modern home theater solutions and services, we can also help you upgrade your existing systems and expand upon what you already own.

We understand that you have a budget to work within, and we provide cost-effective and affordable services to help your home theater dreams and expectations become reality. Tell us what you need – whether home audio products or home video products, or simply help installing your newly purchased equipment – and we will quote a rate for our installers and any other services and supplies you need.

Contact us your for Cleveland area home theater needs.  Thank you.