Cleveland Home Theater : Christmas 2010

Another year has gone by and we are again busy wiith Home Theater installation and Equipment Sales during the holiday rush for Christmas 2010.  We did not have much time for blogging in 2009, but we are always available to answer your questions and help you with the latest home entertainment products that we sell and/or install for you at your business or residence.

Those “3D” televisions and Blu-Ray players we were watching during this time in 2009 are now more capable and more affordable than ever!  If you purchase a 3D-ready television for your during our 2010 Christmas sale and/or need help installing and optimizing your latest home-theater products, contact your Cleveland Home-Theater Experts!

We are familiar with all the latest audio-visual technology, like all those various LED LCD varieties like full-array and edge-lit and so on.  And now the 3D-TV factor comes into play along with ever-increasing refresh rates (like 240Hz, 480Hz, and even 600Hz 3DTV systems).  We can help you understand the pros/cons of various devices and help put together your Cleveland home-theater package that will make you feel like you are sitting at the movies while still in the comfort of your own home.

Happy Holidays!