Home Theater Installs on the Rise

According to an article recently published on MSNBC news, San Diego was experiencing a surge in Custom Home Theater installations as homeowners were gearing up for the 2009 Super Bowl recently.  The same trend occurs yearly, with people looking to wow their friends and neighbors with the latest and greatest home audio and video equipment, though perhaps the trend was a bit more subdued in 2009 thanks to the economic downturn of recent.

But, investing in a nice home multimedia room may make a lot of sense when compared to the cost of taking a family to the movies or to a live sporting event.  Certainly for the price of attending the Superbowl in person, one could have a rather substantial down payment on their own home theater system, and if it was a group of event-goers that decided to put the money towards their own systems instead of going to a live event, the amount would be significant.

Sure, the Super Bowl is a standout perhaps (with regard to price), but even “lesser” events like local sporting events and movies all add up over time.  And, then there is the driving to such events (and the gas, parking, crowds, etc).  Perhaps a custom home theater installation makes a lot of sense for you and your family instead?  If you are in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area (i.e., Northeast Ohio), consider the costs of taking your family to see the Cleveland Indians, or the Cleveland Cavaliers, or a similar event.  Or, how about the price of a prime-time movie and snacks for the family?   Now, think about how quickly that all can add up and be put towards your home dream entertainment system… you may be surprised how quickly the payback period could be met.

Modern home automation systems go right along with the home theater systems these days, and incorporate a wide range of electronics to enhance the homeowners’ lifestyles, making it simple and easy to control home theaters, stereo systems, alarm systems, lighting, wireless Internet, and more, all from one centrally located system.  So, you can be spending the evening at home with the family, and/or have some friends over to all get together and enjoy each others company while saving some money by avoiding the cost of going out instead.

You can be prepared to host some get-togethers with better TVs, custom home theater installations and home automation, like those types of systems we (Cleveland home theater installer: HomeSound) can install for you in your own home (and/or business, if you are hosting clients regularly and want to impress them).  We take the time to meet with you (our customers) and explain the various custom electronic solutions available with home automation and home theater equipment, and how individual home automation systems and custom home theaters can be designed to best suit your individual needs and style.  Give us a call — we appreciate the opportunity to help you.

And, start thinking about how you can save money having “theater at home” or “sports events at home” (which one could argue offers a much better view of the *action* in many cases).  Modern HDTV (High Definition Television) and related audio and multimedia components make home theaters as good (if not better) than the “real thing” (traditional theaters).  And, you will have something you can enjoy for many years to come, regardless of the weather or traffic 🙂