Sony OLED TV, Eco green TVs, Bravia, XBR – new for 2009

More news coming out of the 2009 CES, and this time regarding Sony (which is of great interest to us, since we are an authorized Cleveland and Northeast Ohio Sony Dealer).

OLED TV Progress

Sony announced that they will make additional progress in the organic LED TV (OLED TV) area, with introductions of new displays, including one with a 0.9-inch display.  We are definitely looking forward to future Sony OLED display products with their cutting-edge technology and impressive power-savings possibilities.  OLED does not require a backlight like traditional LCD technology, thus saving power and allowing for super-thin displays.

OLED (organic light emitting diode) panels may eventually take the place of LCD, though this is probably quite a fews years away as current OLED products are limited and quite expensive (for example, the current Sony XEL-1 costs about US$2,500, and is ONLY an 11-inch diagonal device).  Sony showed a prototype panel on Wednesday that was a 21-inch model (price not mentioned of course) with typical high-quality OLED bright, crisp images and deep colors.

Eco / Green advancements…

Sony is reading its Eco series of green TVs that will use a hot cathode fluorescent lamp (HSFL), and an “eco-switch” for zero-watt consumption. Sony mentioned their “Eco Bravia” lineup, which will include six environmentally aware sets in all.  In addition, Sonyis expanding its recycling program such that “For every pound of product created, a pound of waste will be recycled”, which is certainly a nice thing.

Update (some details we found on TG Daily):

The Sony Bravia “Eco” Televisions are available in three different sizes: a 52 inch KDL-53VE5, a 46-inch KDL-56E5, and also a 40-inch KDL-40VE5 (all measured diagonally). The VE5’s are much like the companies V-series sets, and include 120 Hz with de-judder, 1080p resolution, a PC input and four HDMI inputs.

The VE5s come equipped with a new Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (HCFL) backlight, which Sony claims conserves 40% of the typical energy used with conventional backlights. The televisions have a light sensor which works with an automatic backlight control which dims the backlight in darker rooms.

The most exciting feature of the television however is the “Presence Sensor” function which turns the television picture off if there is no one in the viewing vicinity after a specific time frame. If the sensor detects motion, someone walks into the room, or stirs after waking up from a nap, the television will instantly turn on.

The VE5 televisions are equipped with a function which consumes almost no power when the TV is left in standby mode. This will not affect the overall energy savings, because standby draws are already nearly zero in standard televisions.

All of these options combine allow the VE5’s to exceed Energy Star 3.0 ratings, and these will more than likely be some of the most energy-efficient LCDs produced in 2009.

Internet Video tech; summary…

Bravia’s Internet video technology is to be built into its new top-of-the-line XBR9 sets, and dubbed “interactivity integral.”

Sony added its Internet link module two years ago, and was the first to stream video from YouTube, etc. Now Sony is building that Internet link directly into Bravia, in new models available in the spring. The Eco Bravias will be available later in the summer [of 2009], and these too will be supported by Internet Widgets from Yahoo.

Call your Cleveland Home Theater and Cleveland HDTV expert – HomeSound – to check availability of these exciting new Sony products to arrive during 2009.