2009 Home Theater : Blu-ray Players Under $100 and more…

Here is some of what your Cleveland, Ohio and Northeast Ohio Home Theater, Audio, and Visual Experts at Home Sound & Satellite, Inc. are anticipating for the coming 2009 season.  Please contact us for help with your home theater needs.

Low-Price Blu-ray in 2009

One of the roadblocks to widespread adoption of Blu-ray high-definition DVD technology has been the price-premium that current BluRay players carry with them.  This is quickly changing, and some makers have pushed the price of mainstream players down to under $200 recently (at least during the pre-Christmas super-sales).

Now, with the 2009 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) close on the horizon, rumor has it that some vendors of Home Theater equipment are about to deliver the post-holiday gift of sub-$100 Blu-Ray players for 2009. If this happens, 2009 may finally be the year that Sony’s high-definition DVD technology, Blu-ray, finally hits critical mass by becoming inexpensive enough to replace existing “standard” (i.e., non-high-def) DVD permanently.

Even if Blu-ray players do not show up for $100 or less, chances are that most home theater systems announced from the big home theater vendors will include Blu-ray players, and those players will be more affordable than they were in 2008.

Other 2009  Home Theater Technology and Equipment Advancements

There have been a few other interesting technologies in the news recently that could significantly improve home theater and audio / video system options for 2009 and beyond.  Here is a discussion covering some of those technology advancements we have been reading about lately, and that we be offering via our Cleveland Home Theater company as soon as we have tested the various products, components, and technology out:

HDTV and LCD, OLED, and Display Tech

Smaller, and Stylish LCD HDTV

HDTV manufacturers have been creating ever-thinner HDTV devices with thinner cabinet depths and thinner display frames, and 2009 is sure to bring some ultra-thin models that push this trend to new limits.  With display technologies such as OLED (organic light emitting diode) offering slim screens with a frame thickness that can be just a few millimeters, we look forward to seeing how amazingly thin the newest LCD- and plasma-TVs will be as the new 2009 models show up.

LED-back-lit LCD HDTV

Light emitting diode (LED) is certainly going to keep gaining market momentum as a light source for LCD televisions, because of its environmentally friendly mercury-free lighting technology and power-efficiency.  In addition, this LED-backlight LCD technology is capable of delivering enhanced picture quality compared to traditional LCDs (backlit using existing fluorescent lighting technology for their backlights). LCD manufacturers are attempting to “go green” more like many other product manufacturers, and 2009 will see that effort bring an increased number of new LED-lit LCD televisions to market.

Wireless HDMI

Wireless HDMI technology is really coming along, and 2009 is expected to move some products from prototypes and technology demonstrations to finished products.  One advancement that is exciting in the HDTV and high-definition video arena is wireless HDMI that supports the transmission of full 1080p video. We will be looking for this technology to make a retail debut in 2009.

Other Related Home Theater Technology

We expect even more focus on streaming media (audio / video) content in 2009, whether from Internet-based streaming video or in-home media-servers that house all your latest movie and music titles.  It may be that we are simply connecting your existing PC / desktop computer to your home network and/or home-theater equipment to allow you to play various HD (High Definition) content on your TV. It is probably also a fair bet that music services for wireless multi-room music systems (perhaps Sony’s S-Air) will come with even more options for the money.

Be sure to contact us in 2009 for your Cleveland Home Theater, Audio, and Visual needs, and let us help you install, setup, and prepare your systems for your enjoyment.